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Companies with APIs that are included in this Education APIs research, with API detail when it exists.

Altmetric Altmetric tracks mentions of scholarly works on social media sites, scholarly bookmarking services and in science news outlets. It handles all of the heavy lifting involved in extracting, disambiguating and collating this information so that you can focus on your core product. The Altmetric API gives you programmatic access the data about articles u0026amp; datasets collected by Altmetric. (Academic,Analytics,API-Stack,API-United-Kingdom,Articles,Education,Research,Research-Stack,Science-Stack)
Cambridge Dictionaries Online Weu0026rsquo;re excited to be making our dictionary content available through our API, and canu0026rsquo;t wait to see what you do with it. The Cambridge Dictionaries Online API gives you access to a range of dictionaries and dictionary resources. We currently offer these titles: Cambridge Advanced Learneru0026rsquo;s Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary of American English, Cambridge Business English Dictionary, Cambridge Learneru0026rsquo;s, English-Turkish Dictionary and Cambridge Learneru0026rsquo;s Dictionary. Our methods let you make a search, get an entry, get pronunciations, get a thesaurus topic and get a Word of the Day, among other things. (Dictionary,Education)
Chalkable With the API your app can authenticate users, identify user roles (student/teacher/admin), read announcements, gather scheduling data, push grades to the Chalkable gradebook, and so much more. View our documentation page to learn more about the Chalkable experience: how our app store works, how teachers and students will use your app within the context of Chalkable, and how our platform uses basic Javascript callback functions for integration. (API-Stack,Education,Education-Stack,Learning)
Clever The Clever API allows education software developers to access real-time school data from Student Information Systems. The Clever API is built around the concepts of representational state transfer (REST). All communication with the API is done through HTTPS, and errors are communicated through HTTP response codes. All requests return JSON. Using PHP, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript? (API-Stack,Data,Education,Education-Stack,Target)
DonorsChoose DonorsChoose.org is a non-profit startup that matches school projects with donors. Hereu0026rsquo;s how it works: teachers upload proposals for needed resources or projects and users can view proposals and make donations. Each proposal gets its own page with a written description from the teacher and detailed information on the classroom, project, school and funding needed. DonorsChoose.org reviews each submission before posting it to their site. (API LIfeycle,API-Stack,Charity,Classroom,Donate,Donation-Stack,Education,Education-Stack,K-12,Nonprofit,Teacher)
Drillster The Drillster API enables any developer to write applications that interact with Drillster. The API is based on the principles of REST, and comes in both an XML and a JSON flavor. Authentication is taken care of by the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Non-commercial use is free of charge, but commercial use requires prior arrangement. (API-NL,API-Stack,Education,Education-Stack,Flashcards)
Edmodo Edmodos API makes it easy to develop compelling content and reach millions of teachers and students directly in their classrooms. Build apps that integrate with the core Edmodo feature set, including assignments, badges, and the gradebook. Gain insight into how users interact with your apps to better tailor them to the classroom experience. Market your apps to Edmodos passionate and engaged teacher community. (API-Stack,Education,Education-Stack,Social)
Edx EdX is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider and online learning platform. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide audience, some at no charge. It also conducts research into learning based on how people use its platform. EdX differs from other MOOC platforms, such as Coursera and Udacity, in that it is nonprofit and runs on an open-source software platform. (API-Stack,Education,Education-Stack,Target,University,University-Service)
FenixEdu FenixEdu is a modular software platform for academic and administrative management of higher education institutions. It is among the growing number of service providers targeting higher educational institutions using APIs. (Education,University,University-Service)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Houghton Mifflin Harcourts (HMH) Developer Portal is an HMH Labs initiative to expose the HMH APIs to others, including customers and third party developers. This creates an exciting opportunity for developers to build solutions that are compatible with those that our customers already know and trust. Initially, the APIs will connect with a sandbox environment and, down the road, with the rich and diverse world of Houghton Mifflin Harcourts offerings. Ultimately, our goal is to provide greater opportunities for interoperability and a seamless user experience for teachers, students and parents. (Content,Education,Publishers)
Instructure Instructure is a technology company that is focused on improving education. Founded in 2008 by two Computer Science graduate students, Instructure built Canvas - the only open source learning management system and the only LMS native to the cloud. Instructure now services over 160 institutions in higher education and K-12. Investors include OpenView Venture Partners and Tomorrow Ventures. (Education,Indie EdTech Data Jam,LMS)
Instructure Canvas Accounts API
Instructure Canvas Appointment Groups API
Instructure Canvas Audit API
Instructure Canvas Calendar Events API
Instructure Canvas Conversations API
Instructure Canvas Courses API
Instructure Canvas Global API
Instructure Canvas Groups API
Instructure Canvas Polls API
Instructure Canvas Quiz Submissions API
Instructure Canvas Sections API
Instructure Canvas Users API
Instructure Canvas Utility APIs
Memjogger Memjogger automates your learning process so you can memorize u0026amp; retain large amount of information easier. Crafted for pupils, students, professionals - anyone coping with high volume of learning material (Education,Flashcards)
Mendeley Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research. Mendeley helps to manage and share academic knowledge: Mendeley Desktop is free academic software (Windows, Mac, Linux) for managing and sharing research papers. Mendeley Web is a free research network which lets you manage research papers online, discover research trends and connect to like-minded academics. (API LIfeycle,API-Stack,API-United-Kingdom,Education,Education-Stack,Papers,Research,Target)
Open Course Project The Open in Open Course Project means devotion to free information and Open Source technologies. The data that is compiled to service this website is regularly extracted directly from various CNU websites, but its provided centrally using RESTful API standards to any interested students or third parties. If you are creating your own service or even a personal application using course, term, or instructor data, you are welcomed to use the API detailed on this page. General API endpoints are keyless and anonymous for now. If youre interested in using it for your projects, please dont abuse it. Otherwise Ill have to buy a bike lock. (Education)
OrgSync The OrgSync API is a way for you to sync your campus portal system, student information system, and other enterprise resources with OrgSync. The API allows each campus the flexibility and creativity to create campus specific processes to leverage the data in OrgSync collected from campus departments, programs, organizations and students. (API-Stack,Education,Education-Stack,Target)
Pearson plc As the leading education services company, Pearson is serious about evolving how the world learns. We apply our deep education experience and research, invest in innovative technologies, and promote collaboration throughout the education ecosystem. Real change is our commitment and its results are delivered through connecting capabilities to create actionable, scalable solutions that improve access, affordability, and achievement. (API LIfeycle,Books,Content,Dictionary,Education,Financial,Financial News API,Images,Photos,Recipes,Travel)
FT Education API
Pearson Brilliant Series
Pearson Dictionaries
Pearson dkimages
Pearson Eyewitness Guides
Pearson Kitchen Manager
Pearson Longman Dictionary
Pearson Peachpit Visual QuickStart Guides
Pearson Penguin Classics
Quizlet The Quizlet API lets developers interested in building study tools to interact with Quizlets vast content database of over 760 million flashcards. The Quizlet API lets you create, search, and modify flashcard sets and classes, and much more in your own application. (Education,Flashcards,Games)
Schoology Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) for K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and corporations that allows users to create, manage, and share content and resources. Also known as a course management system (CMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the cloud-based platform provides tools to manage any classroom or blended learning environment. (API LIfeycle,API-Stack,Education,Education-Stack)
Schoology API
Springest Springest is a Dutch continuing education service that helps users find and compare courses, books, articles, training courses using search and filter capabilities. The Springest API opens up all of the searchable data from Springest to users. Users can query for training guides, courses, and other content as well as integrate it into programs. The service uses REST calls and returns XML or JSON. (API-NL,Education,Learning,Netherlands,Training)
Tin Can API The Tin Can API (sometimes known as the Experience API) is a brand new specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has (online and offline). This API captures data in a consistent format about a person or groupu0026rsquo;s activities from many technologies. Very different systems are able to securely communicate by capturing and sharing this stream of activities using Tin Canu0026rsquo;s simple vocabulary. (API-Stack,Education,Education-Stack,Experience,Learning)
Tin Can